Makaira is a Partner for Social Change ADVOCACY

New technologies and new business models alone are not enough to change society. The greater the leap forward taken by a new innovation, the more important it becomes to lay the groundwork for a supportive social environment, and cultivate the understanding of stakeholders. Building allies, supporters, and fans, and establishing new trust and norms with relevant stakeholders is a crucial step in ensuring the success of any new social innovation.

As a leading Public Affairs firm in Japan, Makaira provides support and leadership for the implementation of social change through dialogue, coordination, and building understanding with various stakeholders such as local and central governments, industry groups, NGOs, media and consumers.

Vision. Mission. Approach


Makaira’s vision is a society that updates continually and holistically. In order to achieve this, our mission of "Advocacy for Changemakers" aims to create a business and social environment that is conducive to social change. The approach begins with drawing up a non-market strategy to design and implement the best possible type of outreach to the public sector, consumers and wider society.

Our Services

Our public affairs consulting services cover everything from the consideration and planning of non-market strategies to the execution of political and administrative advocacy. In addition, we also provide support for public relations, branding and creative development to inspire and mobilize people and society, and support for building public affairs organizations.

Public Affairs
Consultants with diverse backgrounds and specialties provide comprehensive support, from the design of effective non-market strategies to their implementation. This can include modification of laws and regulations, collaboration with governments, public support campaigns, and others.
Public Relations
For companies, NGOs, and local governments who are aiming for social change, it is crucial to grow a base of supporters and allies who sympathize on social issues, and build a wider social consensus on these issues. To make this happen, we send and receive information, and engage in communication and relationship building.
Business Development
Business plays an instrumental role in social innovation and social problem solving. As a business development partner for companies, we work with them in devising socially conscious operations, and provide support in implementing businesses in society, from planning to promotion.
Creative Development
For social change to happen, it requires the emotional investment of many people. We utilize the power of art and design to stir the hearts of people and elicit their understanding, and provide creative support that accelerates business growth and facilitates social change.
Taking on a boundary-crossing role that combines the often fragmented processes of business development and creative development, we provide a comprehensive brand management that maximizes the social impact of the value that companies seek to provide through their business.
Organization Building Support
We provide coaching for companies and organizations in planning and building a team of public affairs experts to strengthen their public affairs and public policy foundations. We also help companies develop industry organizations and other associations by providing hands-on support.

What is
Public Affairs?

Public Affairs is "the strategic involvement of companies in the public and non-profit sectors in order to achieve their business objectives." It refers to a multi-faceted area of activities that utilizes various methods such as lobbying, public relations (PR), branding, CSR, and project development.


A hybrid team consisting of outstanding members from diverse backgrounds such as government, bureaucracy, academia, large corporations, start-ups, NPOs, journalism, art, etc., that provides start-to-finish support from strategy planning to implementation.


Making social change our work
We aspire to gather a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and talents who can create new value through mutual support and collaboration.
If our values and code of conduct resonate with you, we would like to hear from you!