What is
Public Affairs?

Public Affairs Consulting

Public affairs is "the strategic involvement of companies and organizations in the public and non-profit sectors and in society in order to achieve their business objectives.”

The public and non-profit sector includes central and local governments, NGOs and NPOs, industry associations, local communities, and the discourse of both media and citizens on public and social topics. We help organizations achieve their missions by strategically managing a variety of relationships, including the following:

Relationships with government authorities regarding regulations, policies, permits, etc.
Relationships with NPOs and NGOs regarding business and CSR activities
Relationships with local communities regarding regional issues
Relationships with industry associations and economic organizations regarding the state of the industry and codes of conduct
Relationships with consumers, the media and wider public opinion on public and social issues
Relationships with international organizations and NGOs on international issues, etc.

Public Affairs is a multi-faceted sphere of activities that utilizes a variety of methods, including lobbying, public relations (PR), branding, CSR, and business structuring.

In today’s world, companies are required to manage their businesses with an eye towards social responsibility, and expected to contribute to solving social issues. Building win-win relationships with governments, the public, NGOs, and local communities is no longer a countermeasure but a prerequisite, and public affairs in the 21st century is becoming a required subject for corporate management.

Public Relations and Public Affairs

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