What is necessary to make the world a better place? Is it new technologies, new business models, or new laws? Or is it the huge funds necessary to run various projects? In fact, even these were all in place, without [People’s Support] social change will not occur. [Communications] is what inspires [People’s Support]. It is through the utilization of huge mass media, events, publications, and exhibition items, to gain the understanding of the people of this world. To win over and increase allies; individual approaches, and negotiations are made to key individuals, one-by-one, and to respective industry associations, one-by-one. Taking advantage of SNS, the movement will be launched into society.


The [Communication] business is regarded, in terms of business professions as; public relations, advertising, marketing, external affairs. However, in the highly social and public area, the profession, especially in Japan, has yet to be structurally organized, or recognized. Specifically, the area of Public Affairs (public strategy communications), includes; advocacy, lobbying, policy communications, and public non-profit marketing.

MAKAIRA will develop this territory, and it is a company that is committed to contributing to the prosperity of Japan’s society and the World. With the maturity of the market society, we live in an age where the [Public Context] of products and services have become increasingly important. In an economy, which does not provide expectations for an ever-increasing rise, the time has come for the Japanese, as a people, to advance our level of policy dialogue capabilities so that we can make the right choices for our future. The necessity to increase international dialogue is evident.

Current society is based on perception (impression, image). It is in fashion, politics, corporate activities, and art. That is why the profession of communications, which builds perception, builds the World. Thus, there is a huge responsibility involved in this profession. The communications profession cannot interfere with the wise choices people make, or with the principles of democracy. It is with this concept that MAKAIRA, as a consulting firm, holds the right to closely consider and select each undertaking. Individuals who are truly trying to make it a better world, not through manipulating public opinion, but through receiving an evaluation by appealing with straightforward dialogue with the public, we intend to work with clients who have the determination and courage to transform society.

A prosperous society through the power of communications is MAKAIRA’s mission.

About us

MAKAIRA is a public affairs consulting firm specializing on advocacy. Public Affairs is an area of strategic communications that possesses highly public and social elements. Within this practice, advocacy is a method to change society through providing policy proposals and campaign activities. We are particularly strong in advocating the areas of [technology, cultural and social innovation] supporting the movement through public relations, lobbying, event planning, networking and linkage of various sectors.

MAKAIRA is taken from the Latin term for the Blue Marlin. It is also the name of an ancient Greek sword. The name was chosen with the thoughts to conduct business the way the Blue Marlin swims the globe at high speed, and to always be sharp to take on and resolving any issues that continuously arise, as a sword that fights its way through battlefields.

Company Data

Makaira KK
Ko Fujii, Representative Director and CEO
Office Location
Shimizu Building 5F, 3-19 Hayabusa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0092, Japan
3 June 2014
JPY 10 million
Corporate service
Public affairs and stakeholder engagement
Corporate mission
To enrich the world by solving clients’ problems through communications and strategic stakeholder engagement.



Makaira hopes to help Japanese firms and organizations contribute to the world by providing our expertise in international public affairs communications, an area which the Japanese are not always strong in. We have therefore partnered with the Washington DC-based company Global Communicators. This partnership enables us to extend our field of activity to overseas as well as in Japan.


MAKAIRA is devoted to conveying the splendor of Japan local regions both domestically and internationally, as well as connecting Japan’s local regions to the global audience for the realization of a true ‘Glo-cal’. For this reason, we have signed a partnership with Mr. Hatsuji MATSUMOTO, the representative of “Coordination Specialist” located on site in the Hokuriku Region.