Vision Why we do

A society that updates continually and holistically

Makaira’s goal is to build a society that is holistically and continually updating.

"Holism" is the belief that everything is connected. With this in mind, Makaira aims for a balanced, globalized “total optimization,” rather than a localized “suboptimization” that focuses on only one aspect of society. This means consideration for a diverse range of people, not just the strongest but also those who are weaker and/or minorities. Moreover, this means a society that is not only economically prosperous, but also culturally, socially and spiritually rich and healthy.

However, we do not believe that such a society can be realized in just a single step. Rather, a society must proactively “continually update" itself for a better world. We will co-create a better society from the bottom up, with change that is not coercive or overly passive, but done through the power of proposals and dialogue from the public and non-profit sectors, businesses, and citizens.

Mission What we do

Advocacy for Changemakers
Partners for Social Change

Makaira supports changemakers, whether corporations or NPOs, who are trying to implement innovations in all areas - technology, culture, and social - to proactively change society for the better.
We aim to move society forward by creating earnest businesses, rather than protecting the vested interests of established businesses. We strive to implement the social change that these organizations with high ideals are aspiring for.

Principles What we adhere to

Innovation Focus
Social Good
No Rent-Seeking

Makaira is a company that is selective about the work it takes on. Our goal is to work only with changemakers who are truly trying to make the world a better place, those who have the courage and determination to make a difference and create value through honest dialogue with the public, rather than manipulating public opinion. In order to determine what kind of work is a good fit, we focus on three principles:
The first is "Innovation Focus". We don't do work that blocks the progress of society by clinging to vested interests, or hammers in the proverbial nail that sticks out.
The second is "Social Good.” We examine all the positive and negative impacts that a potential project would have on society, and accept it only if all employees agree that the social benefits of the project are greater.
The third is "No Rent-seeking" (don't create unfair advantages). We don’t support practices that unfairly distort the market and create monopolies, enclosing profits for only certain industries or companies, sacrificing the entire economy for the sake of the few.

Approach How we do it

Makaira's support starts with the planning and development of a "non-market strategy." We ask "What is the objective in the first place? What kind of environment is conducive to it? How do we implement this?" and then, through Makaira’s 5L activities, work with you to make it happen.

非市場戦略 非市場戦略

Non-market Strategy

In the past, the external environment, such as the regulatory system, was taken as a given precondition when considering and implementing business strategies. However, we now live in an age of complexity and uncertainty, filled with players who aspire to transform the world by implementing brand new, yet unexisting, services in society. In this world of today, external factors like the regulatory system or society's assessment should instead be seen as potentially changeable, strategic targets.
In order to realize our mission, we need to envision what kind of environment (legal systems and rules, social recognition and assessment) is desirable, and develop measures to gain the support and understanding of relevant stakeholders all across society. This kind of "non-market strategy" is becoming increasingly important.

非市場戦略 PESTの世界、市場戦略 3Cの世界 非市場戦略 PESTの世界、市場戦略 3Cの世界

Makaira’s 5Ls

In order to realize the desirable business environment, it is important to understand the position, such as thought processes and assumptions, of relevant stakeholders and take effective actions accordingly. These actions in the execution phase of public affairs are organized by the five Ls.

Makairaの5L Makairaの5L

  • Rule

    Activities aimed at establishing or modifying laws, regulations, guidelines, and voluntary industry standards.

    ・Policy research
    ・Policy planning
    ・Policy proposals

  • Appeal

    Activities to gain the support and understanding of society
    ・Event and symposium planning
    ・Media relations
    ・Social media
    ・Public and non-profit marketing

  • Deal

    Arranging individual agreements and actions with public institutions, private companies, non-profit organizations, etc. (tri-sector coordination)

    ・Cooperation agreements between local governments and companies
    ・Implementation of demonstration projects between NPOs and companies

  • Real

    Conceptualization and launch of real projects to improve the social environment and solve societal issues

    ・Business development
    ・Formation of consortiums
    ・Funding support

  • Ideal

    Theorizing and systematizing the underlying social and policy concepts
    ・Social and policy research
    ・Media management and dissemination