Ko Fujii Representative Director and CEO

Ko FujiiRepresentative Director and CEO

As a public affairs professional with strong focus on the tech sector, Ko’s expertise ranges from strategic global communications to local community engagement. Prior to his current position, Ko was Head of Public Policy and Government Relations for Google in Japan, and before that, a public affairs consultant at FleishmanHillard Japan. Ko originally started his career at the Japanese government’s Science and Technology Agency, Agency for Cultural Affairs, and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), where he was mainly responsible for international policy. Ko studied Law at the University of Tokyo, and holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, majoring in Marketing and Public/Nonprofit Management. Ko is a Consulting Fellow at the PHP Institute, Advisor to Volunteer Platform, a student volunteer NGO, and a Certified Public Relations Planner of the Public Relations Society of Japan.


Shintaro TakahashiConsultant/Digital Strategist

Support for strategy formulation and communication activities focusing on public policy and digital technology fields.

Shintaro specializes in areas such as public affairs, innovation policy, political communication and digital communication. He also works as project assistant professor at the Keio University. Shintaro has advised the public sector on urban strategies, digital policies and mobility policies, and the private sector on strategic planning and public relations.

Hitomi SuzukiConsultant

Hitomi is a consultant who engages in policy analysis for the IT sector and non-profit organizations.

Among the topics she has been dealing with are digital government, fintech, and the work-style reform in Japan. Prior to joining Makaira, Hitomi worked in corporate planning at DeNA, one of the largest tech companies in Japan. She has also been a PR director at Living in Peace, a Japanese NPO that promotes financial inclusion. She started her career as a venture capitalist at Japan Asia Investment. Hitomi studied International Relations and holds a Master of International and Administrative Policy from the School of International and Public Policy at Hitotsubashi University.

Hiroyuki YasuiConsultant

Hiroyuki specializes in policy research, analysis and advocacy, as well as support for formulating and implementing public communication strategies, mainly for the sharing economy and Japan’s work-style reform.

After graduating from university, Hiroyuki worked at Marubeni, where he researched and analysed regulatory issues related to new business investment projects both in Japan and overseas, and established and fortified a compliance system. Fully realizing the importance of the rule-making process, he went on to join Makaira, where his responsibilities include the support of policy advocacy and relationship building / coordination with the national and local governments and NPOs, focusing on new business areas that lead to social change. Hiroyuki is highly interested in tri-sector collaboration and collective impact in which NPOs and the public and private sectors work together to solve social issues. He graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Law. Member of the Sharing Economy Association Secretariat.

Naotake HibiyaSenior Consultant

Naotake mainly handles public relations consulting, connecting people and information.

Naotake has been involved in the planning and management of live-streaming events and website construction as a freelancer since his student days. After that, he was engaged in projects concerning IC cards, electronic money and system development in the NTT group. He then joined KBMJ in 2003, where he was responsible for development management, sales, planning and overall management as board member. Naotake joined Sansan in 2009 and has been involved in the launch of marketing & public relations features. At the same time, he performed various community activities, such as at the Open Network Lab, as evangelist at PRTable Co., Ltd., Public Relations committee member at the public interest incorporated association Public Relations Society of Japan, director at the general incorporated association​ at Will Work, and also manager at a rock bar. As connector, Eight evangelist and director at the Business Card Research Institute at SanSan, he disseminates information to various areas. Naotake graduated from Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies.

Hatsuji MatsumotoHokuriku Area Cordinator

Basing his operations in the Hokuriku region, Hatsuji supports various projects involving local companies, universities, local governments and non-profit organizations through management and facilitation.

Together with a major Japanese systems integrator company, he is engaged in operations management of local government business systems, and sales and marketing for new business development in the metropolitan area. After returning to his hometown Nanto City in Toyama Prefecture, he went to the USA, where he participated in a leadership training program at the US NPO iLEAP (I-LEAP) and did an internship at the Community Team of the NPO Code for America. Returning to Japan once more, he took part in an urban development project in Toyama Prefecture, and worked at an NPO in Nanto city. Since 2016, he has been working on regional revitalization by bringing together business and regional issues as a freelancer. In 2018, he established the business as “Matosen Corporation”, conducting joint development and personnel training operations utilizing inhouse developed open data card games and graphic recording. As a representative of Code for Nanto, he has been tackling regional issues pro-bono with technology. Graduated from Shizuoka University, Humanities Department and Economics Department.

Akira MatsumotoConsultant

Akira is specialized in public communication regarding safe and secure use of the Internet by minors, utilising his experience and accomplishments in both the private sector and government.

In graduate school, he researched local media and urban development, and worked with the public authorities and a shopping district to work towards the opening of a community radio station. After working at a printing company, Akira was in charge of planning and managing content for games and youth protection measures at Internet and game companies. Following that, he was engaged as a specialist in measures against harmful information (in charge of providing an environment for the youth) at the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, where his responsibilities included formulating basic planning and scientific research based on the “Act on Development of an Environment that Provides Safe and Secure Internet Use for Young People”, activities for spreading awareness, and symposium management. In Makaira, Akira handles consulting and event planning activities from both the private and administrative perspectives. He also has deep knowledge of the use and application of local media and the Internet for regional development. Akira graduated from the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Graduate School.

Yousuke MiyataExternal Partner

Yousuke is a policy advocate for the realization of new services, including the sharing economy.

Yosuke started his career at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2007, where he was responsible for IT policy after having been in charge of regional revitalization, the work-style reform, tourism demand policy, and reform of the social security system. Yousuke also drafted policy plans such as for promoting the spread of data utilization, and revision of the personal information protection law. After that, he was in charge of IT policy advocacy activities as manager of Policy Planning Staff at Yahoo! Besides that, he participated in the work of industry groups such as Keidanren, and also involved himself widely in the IT industry, launching the Japan IT Association Federation and the IT Social Promotion Political Federation, thereby leading policy advocacy activities across the industry. In 2018, he founded Poliflect K.K., a business responsible for policy advocacy activities, and became a representative director.

Yuzuru TachiExecutive Officer

Yuzuru provides consulting in a wide range of fields, including support of relationship establishment between startups and the public sector, as well as policy analysis and proposal.

He has worked for 12 years in the public sector (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Cabinet Office, United Nations UN-HABITAT) and 8 years in domestic IT companies (Rakuten, Mercari). His areas of responsibility included regional development and aviation policy at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, disaster prevention policy at the Cabinet Office, and research and analysis to deal with aggravating urban problems in various countries at the UN. As manager of the legal department at Rakuten and manager for legal issues and policy planning at Mercari, he was responsible for the interpretation and application of various laws. Having gained experience in both the public and private sectors, he realized the necessity of developing advanced policies through the collaboration of both, and joined Makaira to promote this approach.

Hidehiro WatanabeCreative Director

Hidehiro specializes in social design consulting based on the idea of ​​corporate identity (CI), creating new value through corporate branding and by solving social issues.

While enabling value sharing with stakeholders by drawing out and visualizing the essence of companies (e.g. through logos), he works on branding that focuses on the social values and public attitude necessary for the companies of the future, such as CSR branding, Social Issues branding, and Thought Leadership branding. In addition, Hidehiro supports the execution of diverse visual communication measures with a fundamental approach that utilizes his expertise as a contemporary artist. Regarding his activities as an artist, he has experience presenting a wide array of artistic works at art fairs and corporate design exhibitions, both as a solo and group exhibitor inside and outside of Japan. And further, a large number of collections for major foreign companies. Hidehiro graduated from The University of the Arts (US), and is a part-time lecturer at the Department of Information and Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, Saitama Institute of Technology.

Martin GlindemannConsultant

Martin is a multi-lingual public affairs manager specializing in the tech and innovation sectors.

At Makaira, he manages public affairs programs on women participation promotion in Japan for the world’s largest social media company, as well as promotion of VR technology in education. Martin is also the program manager for Makaira’s partnerships with international PR affiliates. His prior working background in Japan consisted of IT recruitment consulting between international software developers and technicians and Japanese IT companies. Back in Germany, he also gathered experience reporting for the local TV station Offener Kanal Wettin and the Mainzer Rhein-Zeitung newspaper, and worked for the public relations department of the Chamber of Crafts in Trier. Martin graduated from the University of Trier in Germany with a Master’s degree in Media & Communication and Japanese Studies, where he focused especially on Public Relations, International Marketing, and Crisis Communication. Speaks both Japanese and Korean.