Our Team

Makaira has a hybrid team consisting of talented individuals from a range of diverse backgrounds, including government agencies, politicians, parliamentary secretaries, NPOs, researchers, large private companies, start-ups, journalists, and artists. We provide end-to-end support from strategy planning to implementation, including lobbying, media relations, event planning and management, new business creation, branding, and creative production.

Board Members

Ko Fujii Co-Representative Director & CEO

Akira Takahashi Co-Representative Director & COO

Yuzuru Tachi Executive Officer / Head, Makaira Public Affairs


Koichi Iwasawa PR Director

Tomoyasu Urata Senior Consultant

Kyoko Oishi Corporate: Human Resources & Administration Manager

Shinji Ohata Head, Makaira Art&Design

Minoru Ogiso Director, Makaira Public Policy Institute

Yuriko Kusano Senior Consultant

Martin Glindemann Consultant

Erika Koike Senior Associate

Yasuhiko Takita Senior Consultant

Nabi Tanaka Senior Consultant

Taiyo Chihara Consultant

Hiroki Tomita Consultant

Takeo Nakagawa Special Advisor

Makoto Hashimoto Consultant

Lillian Bain Associate

Akira Matsumoto Consultant

Yuki Minowa Consultant

Yosuke Miyata External Partner

Shogo Murata Senior Fellow, Makaira Public Policy Institute

Kiyoko Morihara Consultant

Hiroyuki Yasui Director

Kei Yokoyama Senior Consultant

Keisuke Wagatsuma Director

Hidehiro Watanabe Head, Makaira Art&Design