Making Social Change Our Work

In order to realize our mission of "Advocacy for Changemakers," Makaira needs a diverse group of talents to create new value through mutual support and collaboration.
To achieve this, we place importance on the following Values and Code of Conduct.
We welcome all applications, inquiries, and casual meetings to exchange ideas. Please feel free to contact us.


Value | What we adhere to

  • Aspire
    Work as a Team
    Stay Reckless
  • Have dreams
    Help each other
    A company that can be reckless

Code of Conduct

社会変革を仕事にする 社会変革を仕事にする

Desired Candidates

Aim for our vision, "A society that is continually and holistically updating,"
and puts into practice our mission "Advocacy for Changemakers."

What we at Makaira look for in our associates is, Firstly, people who are motivated to "do work that contributes to social change" and match with our social views, and Secondly, people who share the values and code of conduct mentioned above.

In addition, we believe that this is a workplace where the following diverse experiences and skill sets can be utilized.

・Interest in policy and social issues, strong learning and conceptual skills
(Experience and skills in government, non-profit sector, consulting, business planning, research, etc.)

・Ability to negotiate and coordinate with various stakeholders
(Experience and skills in corporate sales, local government sales, liaison, alliance and business development, etc.)

・Ability to appeal to society and gain support for your message
(Experience and skills in public relations, marketing, event planning and management, creators/designers, etc.)

・Ability to create and implement new businesses and concepts
(Experience and skills in start-up companies, business development, consulting, etc.)

Available Positions

1) PA Consultant (Senior Director)
2) PA Consultant (Entry level - experienced)
3) Student interns (part-time)
Description: Associate level duties including policy research and English translations. Applicants with high English proficiency welcome.

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