Making Social Change Our Work

Makaira's mission is "Advocacy for Changemakers," and we support players in various social change initiatives in a wide variety of ways. We believe that in order to support as many and as wide a range of changemakers as possible and to implement their changes in society, it is important to have a diverse and attractive group of talents who inspire and motivate each other, and, above all, help each other move forward together.

When we welcome such talents to join our team, we place particular importance on their empathy with and embodiment of our values and code of conduct. If our values and code of conduct strike a chord with you, we would like to talk with you. Applications, inquiries, and casual interviews are always welcome. Also, please visit our Member Interviews page to learn more about what each Makaira member is thinking and doing, and to see some of the interesting aspects of working at Makaira.

View Current Opnings

View Current Opnings


What we adhere to


We want to start by dreaming about what kind of social change there should be, and how it should be implemented in society.
Then, we would like our diverse and multi-talented members to help each other in a positive manner with compassion and generosity.
We will not give up easily on anything, but will boldly tackle sometimes reckless challenges. That is the kind of company we want to be.


The way we dothings

To embody our values, we have defined five codes of conduct. We treat each other comfortably and work as a team with positive interactions, keep questioning and thinking things through, create results without giving up, learn from and inspire each other, and help each other without drawing lines. We hope to be such a group of individuals.



What we look for

What we at Makaira look for in our associates is, Firstly, people who are motivated to "do work that contributes to social change" and match with our social views, and Secondly, people who share the values and code of conduct mentioned above.
In addition, we believe that this is a workplace where the following diverse experiences and skill sets can be utilized.

  • Interest in policy and social issues, strong learning and conceptual skills

    Interest in policy and social issues, strong learning and conceptual skills

    (Experience and skills in government, non-profit sector, consulting, business planning, research, etc.)

  • Ability to negotiate and coordinate with various stakeholders

    Ability to negotiate and coordinate with various stakeholders

    (Experience and skills in corporate sales, local government sales, liaison, alliance and business development, etc.)

  • Ability to appeal to society and gain support for your message

    Ability to appeal to society and gain support for your message

    (Experience and skills in public relations, marketing, event planning and management, creators/designers, etc.)

  • Ability to create and implement new businesses and concepts

    Ability to create and implement new businesses and concepts

    (Experience and skills in start-up companies, business development, consulting, etc.)


Hiring talent

We provide consulting services to corporations, NPOs, and local governments, including

▸Policy research, monitoring, and analysis of future policy trends
▸Study of solutions to policy issues and formulation of action plans
▸Building relationships, negotiations, and discussions with relevant stakeholders, including politics, government, industry, and academia.
(including not only at the national level but also at the local government level)
▸Planning and operation of symposiums and study groups, etc.

Status:Open for applications.

Public Affairs (PA) Consultant

Senior Consultant to Director level

Main Responsibilities:

We consult with startups, foreign tech companies, large domestic companies, NPOs and foundations in a wide range of fields on the latest social issues and technologies, and are responsible for the following tasks:
▸Analysis of the external environment and related policy trends for the client

▸Discussion and planning of solutions to policy issues that are beneficial to both the client and society
▸Development of approach and action plans to realize such policies
▸Relationship building, negotiation, discussion, etc. with relevant stakeholders such as politics, government, industry, academia, etc.

(including not only at the national level but also at the local government level) ▸Planning and organizing of symposiums, workshops, etc. to raise social awareness and public opinion
▸Project proposals and contract negotiations with potential clients
▸Project management and team member management
▸Other projects and tasks that you would like to work on are available upon request.

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Status:Open for applications.

Culture & Corporate Design & Development

(Corporate Planning / Culture & Organization Development / Recruiting & Talent Development / PR & Marketing / Accounting & Finance)

Background of this recruitment:
Our company has rapidly expanded from about 10 to about 30 employees in the past three years. During this period, corporate functions such as corporate planning, accounting/finance, human resources/general affairs, legal affairs, public relations, and recruiting, which support the foundation of the company, have been maintained by a small number of full-time members and consultants who work concurrently. However, we strongly feel the need to redesign and build an organization and structure that will support future growth.

On the other hand, we do not intend to build a “specialized management organization” that is highly vertically divided. While encouraging the participation of consultants, designers, and other members who are mainly responsible for client-facing tasks, we would like to design and develop an organization with a DIY feel, in which we create our own organization by ourselves. We do not want to create an organization that is vertically divided, but rather to design and develop an organization that operates and evolves autonomously, with various personnel forming teams to take on the various “tags” that are necessary to manage the organization. We are looking for someone who can lead such a challenge with the COO or be a part of such a team and work together with the COO while taking charge of some functions.

Main Responsibilities:
The following is a list of functions (“tags”) that we would like to strengthen in the future. However, we are not looking for someone who can handle all of these tasks on his/her own. We would like to have you take on several “tags” depending on your strengths and aptitude.

▸Corporate Planning (mid-term strategy, budget control)
▸Management Accounting, Sales Administration, Accounting (Financial Accounting), Finance ▸Culture & Relations (corporate culture, internal communication and exchange, system planning and design, etc.)
▸Capability enhancement (standardization and improvement) and personnel development and training
▸Public Relations and Marketing

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Status:Open for applications.

MAD (Makaira Art & Design)

Planner/Producer/Creative Director for social implementation of Social Good

Main Responsibilities:.

We are looking for members to help with the implementation of social good.
Requirements include thinking about how to realize a socially good society and coming up with ideas, shaping them into a plan, designing the project, proposing it to the client, producing and managing the project, and actually implementing it.
Depending on the content of the project, it may include business development, product/service development, branding, creative and web production, promotion, public relations, SNS and other communication measures, copywriting, and many other aspects. You will be expected to be flexible in this area and either execute the work yourself or direct other members or external parties.

We work with clients in all kinds of industries and sectors including major companies in SDGs management and social business, social ventures and social entrepreneurs, clothing, food, housing, IT, telecommunications, electric railways, automobiles, education, healthcare, travel, music, trading companies, retail, community development, regional development, as well as manufacturers, service providers, platform providers, and government agencies. Depending on the project, it may be necessary to take a collective impact approach involving various companies in various industries, or to plan, produce, and promote the creation of new industries and markets, not just for a single client.

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