Makaira announces partnership with The Good Lobby to Improve Transparency and Governance in Corporate political engagement 2024.06.27

Makaira KK, a Japanese public affairs company, has announced a business collaboration with The Good Lobby , an EU based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)  to make corporate lobbying more transparent, ethical and sustainable.  Through this partnership, Makaira and The Good Lobby aim to promote understanding of appropriate public affairs and the importance of governance in lobbying as a means of social change to Japanese companies and Japanese society.

Since its establishment in 2014, Makaira has been engaged in lobbying and public relations activities in Japan with the aim of realizing a holistically and continually updating society. Through this business collaboration with The Good Lobby, Makaira will provide information on the visualization and evaluation of optimal corporate political responsibility initiatives provided by The Good Lobby, and support to raise awareness of “The Good Lobby Diagnostic,” which allows companies to self-evaluate their political activities and governance, and propose optimal forms of political activity. 

Through those activities, Makaira and The Good Lobby will enhance the importance of transparency in lobbying with Japanese companies and encourage them to improve their governance in conducting lobbying activities.


About The Good Lobby Diagnostic

The Good Lobby Diagnostic is a tool for lobbying companies to self-assess their corporate political activity and their own governance. It defines the best lobbying practices and assesses an organization’s political activities based on ESG and sustainability data systematically collected by The Good Lobby.


Message from the Founders

Ko Fujii
Co-Representative Director & CEO

Ko Fujii

Traditional lobbying that leverages closed personal networks may be labeled “Lobbying 1.0”. Over the years, we have worked to encourage companies to adopt a more open style of public affairs work that emphasizes fairness, transparency, and public interest. This has been called “Lobbying 2.0”. Good Lobby’s concept of incentivizing companies to adopt good lobbying practices through monitoring and evaluation by the capital market and investors may become the next generation of “Lobbying 3.0.”

Together with The Good Lobby, we would like to continue exploring the ideal form of engagement between the private and public sectors.


Alberto Alemanno
The Good Lobby Founder

Alberto Alemanno
“After years of informal exchanges and mutual learning, The Good Lobby and Makaira join forces to demystify and democratize lobbying as a legitimate form of participation in our democracies. They will be offering constructive pathways to Japanese companies willing to render their corporate political engagement more transparent and accountable in the absence of a dedicated Japanese lobbying regulatory framework”


About The Good Lobby

The Good Lobby is a non-profit organization founded with the vision of a society where power is available to all and advocacy is driven by transparency and the public interest. To realize this vision, we work in the EU and around the world to build the advocacy capacity of civil society organizations and to make corporate lobbying more transparent, ethical, and sustainable. We work on a variety of initiatives in three main areas: consulting, research, and advocacy training, with the aim of realizing an open, transparent, and properly accountable lobbying environment.


About Makaira

Makaira is a Japanese consulting firm specializing in public strategic communications for technologies and services that create social innovation. With the mission of “ADVOCACY for CHANGEMAKERS,” we promote social change by supporting change-makers who aim to implement innovations in the three areas of technology, culture, and society. We support a wide range of public affairs activities, including strategic consulting, policy research and advocacy, lobbying, media and public relations, branding development and campaign planning, and various creative productions.


Source: Makaira KK



Mai Toda
PR Director
Makaira KK