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~Value-driven PR~

Makaira's mission is “advocacy for changemakers.” As such, Makaira's PR consulting business is “value-driven PR” that supports the implementation of social change.

For companies, NGOs, and local governments who are aiming for social change, it is crucial to grow a base of supporters and allies who sympathize on social issues, and build a wider social consensus on these issues. To make this happen, we send and receive information, and engage in communication and relationship building.

We aim to deliver information that has true value to social actors and stakeholders, and rather than simply gaining exposure through disseminating media articles, to create a constructive public dialogue, in the following five areas.

Makaira 5PRs Makaira 5PRs

“Innovation Support PR” We provide support for social innovation-focused companies and NPOs, such as startups and technology companies.
▷ Makaira's deep understanding of the policies, markets, and public opinion surrounding technology, as well as our network of media contacts, will help us to support your communications.
▷ With our network of experts and advisors in various fields, and the requisite knowledge to speak about the future society that will be created by technology, Makaira provides unrivaled communications support.
"Social Support PR"  We provide support for companies, NPOs, local governments, and other organizations that are working to galvanize public opinion to solve social issues.
▷ Makaira's consultants are experienced in various fields such as politics, government, academia, corporations, NPOs, and journalism, both in Japan and abroad. By utilizing media collaboration and events, as well as digital tools, we conduct PR services to make social issues more visible and shared more widely in society.
▷ Through Makaira's unique network, which has been proactively addressing social issues such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and world peace, we are able to mobilize public opinion on multiple layers.
“Local Support PR” We provide support for local governments, NPOs, and companies that change the world from the local level.
▷ In the future, local governments, in the same way as corporations, will have to compete as platforms for innovation and the solving of social issues.
▷ By utilizing Makaira's extensive experience in working with and supporting local governments, we provide a full range of support, rather than simply branding a region to raise its profile. Starting with a consultation on autonomous economic growth strategies, we offer comprehensive assistance including PR, policy consulting, public-private partnerships, community building, creativity, and branding.
“Global Support PR” We provide support for international PR that goes beyond borders
▷ In an age when the world is connected through digital technology, Japanese changemakers are reaching a global audience. In addition, Japan's unique culture, nature, and society are sources of inspiration for people overseas. Makaira has partner agencies in major cities around the world and has been supporting countries, local governments, and corporations in international branding and international communication.
▷ We also provide PR services to support market entry into Japan from overseas. Makaira's consultants, who have been active on the international stage, will support you in the transmission and reception of global information through translation and interpretation, accompaniment on overseas business trips, overseas media PR, and digital PR.
“Risk Management Support PR” We provide communications support for managing the risk that accompanies social transformation
▷ The greater the innovation, the more important risk management becomes. A new technology may cause an unforeseen accident, or a new business model may unexpectedly create other social issues. In such cases, having a dialogue with society is important.
▷ Our support ranges from monitoring social media for crisis prevention, identifying crises, and preparing crisis management manuals, to immediate crisis management such as media response and mid- to long-term social consensus building, all while maintaining a dialogue with the media and political administrators.

Specific PR Services

▷ Media training (during both crisis and non-crisis times)
▷ Digital PR (website and video production, social media management, monitoring and analysis, etc.)
▷ Event and seminar planning and management
▷ Creation of various PR tools (brochures, fact sheets, etc.)
▷ Media Relations (including news monitoring and analysis of mass media such as newspapers, TV, magazines, and radio)
▷ Others

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