Makaira’s “Statement on the Situation in Ukraine” 2022.03.17

Statement on the Situation in Ukraine

March 17, 2022

Makaira KK

The communication industry, of which Makaira is a part, can only make a fair contribution to society if it is built on a sound foundation of liberalism and democracy, including the freedom of expression and consideration for the truthfulness of information. From this standpoint, we express the following.

・Makaira calls for an immediate halt to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Further, we express the desire for all people of the world to be able to live with dignity and without threat or want.

・Makaira protests Russia’s abuse of the information space, including the dissemination of false information.

・As a communications company, Makaira is committed to ensuring that people around the world have access to reliable information , and can freely express their opinions and engage in dialogue, at all times. At the same time, we encourage our colleagues,  whether individuals or companies, in the media, journalists, SNS operators, PR firms involved in communication activities to join us in this effort.

・Makaira will provide pro bono support to private organizations, companies, and international organizations that assist those whose lives have been threatened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and are struggling in the aftermath, be they currently in Ukraine or refugees abroad.

・The International Public Relations Network (IPRN), a federation of international PR firms, of which Makaira is a member, has also issued a joint statement on the matter.

Makaira’s vision is “a society that continues to holistically update itself,” and to build our ideal of a “free, fair, and sustainable society”. We will continue to deliberate and work to enable people all over the world to build such a society.