Makaira introduces Japan’s first Public Affairs media and recruitment service 2019.04.26

■ What is public affairs, and why is the industry attracting recent attention?
There is a new mindset in corporate management rethinking on “how to interact with the public”. As technology, business and society change at an unprecedented speed, there is an increasing need to create new regulations and rules. Governments are also actively seeking the wisdom of cutting-edge companies.


In addition, terms such as CSR (corporate social responsibility) and ESG investment (investment that emphasizes the environment, society, and corporate governance) have become commonplace, and as there are increasing calls for collaboration towards SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), there is a rising global trend for companies to not only pursue profits, but also solutions for social issues. In terms of branding and marketing, it is essential to build relationships with diverse public stakeholders such as NPOs and governments.


Under these circumstances, attention has been focused on the work of “public affairs”, which designs relationship strategies (also referred to as “non-market strategies”) between businesses and public players such as governments and NPOs. One example is “rule making” work that proposes new regulations based on innovation and adjusts industry rules accordingly. Another one is “inter-sector collaboration” work that plans and manages collaborative projects with the government / NPOs in terms of regional revitalization and welfare. And further, “Value-driven branding” work that conveys corporate brands and messages centered on solving social issues and CSR.


In this manner, public affairs creates “a world where social problem solving and corporate growth are linked”.


■ Features of “PublicAffairsJP” (Japanese only)


PublicAffairsJP is a media to introduce the front lines of public affairs in this new era. The topics covered include useful knowledge and theories for public affairs business practices, industry trends and interviews with specialists, and examples of public affairs activities and policy recommendations. Makaira strives to establish public affairs in Japan as an industry, aiming to make a world possible where “the solutions to social issues and corporate growth are linked” through the collaboration of public, non-profit, and private companies.


■ Features of “Pubcari” (Japanese only)


Pubcari is a recruitment website that connects public affairs specialists and people who want to work in public affairs with companies hiring public affairs personnel. While typical job designations are similar to “Public Affairs”, “Government Relations”, “Public Policy”, and “Policy Planning”, we generally also introduce people with Marketing and Public Relations experience without being constrained by job titles if the experience sufficiently matches.


Through Pubcari, Makaira wants to support “tri-sector human resources” and the “revolving door” system. The specialists aiming for social change while working across the three sectors of government, private sector and non-profit are called “tri-sector human resources”. “Revolving door” refers to the flow of human resources between the three sectors. For example, public officials change jobs to NPOs, think tank employees become public officials, and politicians as well as their secretaries with experience in politics start up businesses. From now on, a lot of “tri-sector human resources” in Japan will pass through the “revolving door”. Pubcari will support the exciting new future created by these new leaders that connect the private and the public.