List of Services

Public Affairs Consulting

Consultants with diverse backgrounds and specialties provide comprehensive support, from the design of effective non-market strategies to their implementation. This can include modification of laws and regulations, collaboration with governments, public support campaigns, and others.

Examples Areas of Activity

  • Digitalization of government
    Renewable energy
    Sharing economy
  • Fintech
    Mobility services
  • Prop Tech/Construction Tech
    ICT for regional revitalization

Makaira Art&Design

MAD is a creative team focused on helping to shape society. We design and implement business and communication to realize essential social good through the power of art and design that inspires people.

Services Offered

  • Business development support
    Branding support
    Development of various creative tools


Specialized media at the front line of public affairs, with the mission of building a society in which citizens and businesses creating policy is the norm. Includes theories and knowledge useful for carrying out public affairs, interviews with organizations and individuals involved in the field, and information on and coverage of events.

Public Relations

Makaira’s mission is “Advocacy for Changemakers.”
As such, Makaira’s PR consulting business is “value-based PR” that helps to support social change.