1Policy Proposals and Lobbying

Appeal to the government to ease regulations which would allow new technologies and services entrance into the market. By diligently monitoring the direction of related policies and legislation, effective support can be provided to corporations and non-profit organizations in the preparations of their policy proposals which are fully utilized in petitions to associated government ministries/agencies, as well as, Majority and Opposition Party members.

  • Actions to ease regulations to allow growth of Sharing Economy
  • Prepared policy proposals related to the Open Government for the realization of E-Government
  • Institutional reform actions taken to support social impact investments and venture philanthlopy
  • Monitored relevant policies for the digital & creative Industry and prepared a public awareness strategy report

2Media / SNS PR Activities

It is vital and effective to create a buzz through the utilization of SNS for corporations, organizations/associations and individuals focused on developing innovative changes. Through providing relevant material to media outlets, such as; newspapers and magazines, further concrete awareness is established. Activities, such as; media monitoring, writing press releases, preparing and posting SNS articles and web advertising are provided.

  • Public awareness event for social impact investment
  • PR on the latest developments in integration of the healthcare and IT
  • PR of an organization which supports entrepreneurs, including SNS promotion to acquire audience for the event
  • PR event for a local community and web site operation

3Event / Symposium Organization

To further enhance public awareness toward innovative technologies, or a new social system, symposiums and workshop contents are developed for execution. Coordination, as speakers, will be conducted with noted members of the academia, entrepreneurs, politicians, and artists, as well as the preparation of scenarios for panel discussions. Scenarios for panel discussions will be prepared. Interaction, coordination and cooperation with event vendors will be made to ensure that the entire program is smoothly executed.

  • Contents planning and scenario writing support for an event inviting entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from the world
  • Management of an international conference on World Peace organized by a local government
  • Management support for an event to enhance IT utilization awareness among SMEs and Start-Ups
  • Event support to spread recognition of new treatment method for an intractable disease

4Tri-Sector Coordination

Makaira provides the support in bridging, and connecting, profit, non-profit, and public organizations to develop a new undertaking or business. Such as; NGOs that are searching for a corporation to support their activities and a corporation in the process of initiating CSR activities, a local government which is in search of a pilot project for regional revitalization and a venture company which possesses the ideas and skills, politicians and government officials who are in search of new ideas and relevant NPOs and venture companies, etc.

  • Networking NGOs, international corporations with Japanese politicians and government officials
  • Coordination between a technology corporation and an inexperienced local government
  • Coordination between the local government in disaster area and a contributing corporation
  • Linking a women’s career support corporation with NPOs / Project Executions

5Public /Non-Profit Marketing and Branding

We provide brand development and target marketing consultation for organizations such as; local governments, industry associations, and NPOs, which are endeavoring to launch a new movement in society. Identifying those who may be interested, what is the current image, or perception of the organization, an analysis on what services are to be provided to whom. Based on findings, with the cooperation of professionals, such as; creative agencies, or event specialists, support will be provided to plan the organization’s promotion activity.

  • Brand strategy development support for a Non-profit organization supporting entrepreneurs
  • Advisory involving digital diplomacy, the National Branding, and Soft Power Strategy
  • Talks/Lectures given on CSR Marketing
  • Developed a symposium plan on local government and Non-profit organizations branding strategies