1Changing Systems and Legislation Campaign

How we do it
  • Develop a policy ploposal, influence government stakeholders by petitioning with detailed understanding(aka. Lobbying).
  • Establish an organization of those who hope to see revisions to a specific law/institutional reform and provide organizational support.
  • Develop plans for a symposium, or seminar, inviting key opinion leaders who support the issue.
  • Arrange the media coverage to the campaign, enhance the movement by utilizing “share” on SNS.

2New Concept or Issue Awareness Campaign

How we do it
  • Mediate between ‘Flag Waver’ key opinion leader and corporations/ NPOs which are sympathetic to the issue.
  • Plan and organize symposiums, and similar events to enhance awareness/attention to the issue.
  • Organize a panel of experts, and support the development of a white paper or written proposal.
  • Invite media to cover the campaign, utilize SNS to spread the issue/cause, attract attention.

3Awareness Campaign of a New Technology, or Business Model

How we do it
  • Conduct mediation between startups and supporting government officials responsible for policy/key opinion leaders/industry associations.
  • Conduct mediation between startups and innovative local governments who are interested in demonstration experiments of new technology or services.
  • Hold dialogue with groups that are concerned over the social effects of new technology or services, and explore a ‘win-win’ solution. (Public Acceptance/Risk Communications)
  • Plan and organize a symposium, or seminar, to hold discussions on the merits/demerits of new technologies and new services, which will be a platform for the society to explore an agreement.

4Promoting a World-Changing Organization/Association

How we do it
  • Plan and execute a comprehensive media promotion strategy by an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of an organization or services, and what would be the media channel to reach the target.
  • Supporting key opinion leaders, influencers and introduce the organization/association, utilize the voice of the third party to spread the word and enhance recognition and awareness.
  • Plan and execute an event focused on building the organization/association’s recognition, or invite key persons to the existing influential events as speakers.
  • With the cooperation of creative agencies, a comprehensive media promotion and branding strategy will be developed and executed.